Unless you’re a raving extrovert – there is no judgment here – finding people who share your gardening hobby can be….awkward. Community gardens are a good option. So too are picking the brains of stallholders at weekend markets. If you’re really adventurous, participating in a local gardening busy-bee may be a credible option as well. Or, you could ease into your favourite sofa and pick through some of Facebook’s Garden Groups.

FB Garden Groups

Explore some FB Garden Groups

There are some where I’ve been a long-term member – primarily in a voyeuristic capacity. Others are new, or I’m only just discovering. Yet, I find them good for my gardening soul as they impart ideas, and members share their vulnerabilities of their gardens, and their gardening skills.

Here’s a few to chew on over your weekend.

…or even something a little more local. Here are a few that are close to me.

If you’ve been part of an FB garden group, and you’re happy to share it with us, please add a comment so we can explore even more.

Photo Credit: Anthony Quintano Flickr via Compfight cc