Attempting to answer the question, “Are Tomato Plants Poisonous?” must be considered in terms of whom, or what, they are poisonous to. For the average human being, tomato plants and their leaves are not poisonous.

The leaves and stems contain solanine, a glycoalkaloid poison that naturally occur in tomato plants, potatoes and eggplant. This toxin is dangerous to all animals, including your pet cat or dog, but before you try ramming your fingers down your pets throat it’s worth noting that it takes a considerable amount of plant matter to affect cats and dogs.

Tomato Plants Poisonous

Tomato Plants Can Be Poisonous To Pets

Many gardeners, with pets, have veered away from these growing tomato plants just in case any part of it is consumed. This is a tad overkill and the risk that tomato plants may poison your pets is relatively minute.

While a relief if you’ve just noticed your pet with a half-digested tomato leaf hanging from its jaws, pet owners should be vigilant in keeping their mutts and felines away from the tomato patch altogether. Even small children should be warned of the possible dangers that tomato plants can be poisonous to them (in large doses).

The fruit of these plants: tomatoes, potatoes and eggplants do not carry the toxins to the same level, if at all so they are safe for your small children and pets.

If your pet has consumed any quantity of these leaves it may be worth checking it out with the Pet Poison Helpline (US) or your local vet.

Have you had any issues with your pet and poisonous tomato plants?

Photo Credit: blumenbiene Flickr via Compfight cc