As a self-confessed novice gardener, Michelle Sander claims she has “The Art of Killing Plants” down pat. But, like most gardeners, killing plants isn’t the supreme domain of ludites.

Killing Plants

Killing Plants Doesn’t Take Much Skill

If we were truly honest, even the most experienced and knowledgeable gardeners have probably killed a few plants of their own. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take the skill of an assassin to put a plant to sleep forever. A little neglect. A little lack of TLC. Even life becoming busier than normal can render any of your prized plants DOA.

For me, this year hasn’t been about killing plants for the reasons I’ve mentioned above. Sadly, this year has seen many of my plants sacrificed for progress’ sake. We’re renovating.

And in order to renovate, plants, garden beds, veggie patches, mature trees even, had to pay the ultimate price. While most of this will be replaced once our renos are complete it’s little comfort to see established gardens destroyed.

So, many of my plants have been moved into containers and these are where the real killing fields begin. The reason: I’m not that great at remembering to water each day. While I have automatic reticulation through the garden beds and lawns, my container plants are still waiting for their driplines to be set up. Maybe this is the year so that the carnage may stop!

What about you? How are your plants fairing and have you had any keel over in the past year? Was it neglect? Did you leave your neighbour in charge of your garden for the summer break? Whatever the excuse, we’d love to hear it.

Photo source: foxypar4