Finding unique mothers day gifts shouldn’t be too hard considering your mother is very unique – she’s one of a kind in fact. Maybe it’s time to think outside the box. Those tired and tested hum-drum presents: chocolates, flowers, slippers or a voucher to her favourite store are so passe.

First, you need to recognise what is actually unique about your mother: what are her interests? How does she spend her time? Has she been hinting of gift ideas in your conversations?

unique mothers day gifts

Finding Unique Mothers Day Gifts Is Worth The Effort

10 Very Unique Mothers Day Gifts

If you’re like me then finding the perfect mother’s day gift can sometimes be a chore that’s not relished. You spend weeks agonising over finding that one true gift that speaks volumes to your mother. Finally, you settle for a box of chocolates the night before.

Needless to say it doesn’t have to be that hard. So, here are some very unique mothers day gifts that should get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Create A Gardening Voucher

  2. Sure, you could buy your mother a voucher from one of the big-box stores and be done with it. However, if you’re looking for unique mothers day gifts then this idea is unequalled. Think of what your mum would really appreciate; a few hours weeding the backyard, a weekend pruning or even the time it takes to plant out all those bulbs ready for spring. It doesn’t have to be mercurial but some devoted time to a chore that your mum would rather not do might really do the trick.

  3. Make a Flower Arrangement – From Your Own Garden

  4. Sending flowers for mother’s day is always nice but imagine if those flowers came from your own garden. A flower arrangement consisting of your own buds and blooms is far more personal than one ordered online. Plus, the time taken to create it will certainly not go unappreciated.

  5. Homemade Potpourri

  6. Carrying on from the last unique gift idea is to make your own homemade potpourri. While fresh flowers are lovely their dried remnants, mixed with spices and perfumes, will certainly demonstrate your appreciation of your mum. You could even take it a step further and prepare different potpourri recipes for specific areas of your mum’s home.

  7. Enjoy a Herbal Tea Together

  8. Quality time together is certainly cherished by most mums and what better way to do it than sit down and share a cup of herbal tea together. And, to take it a step further instead of delivering a bunch of blooming mums why not make them into a cup of chrysanthemum tea instead. It combines the traditional pressie idea into one of the best unique mothers day gifts.

  9. Visit an Open Garden

  10. Getting your mum outside and into some public gardens meets two agendas. First, spending time with her, and second allowing her to enjoy her pastime with inspiring ideas. A stroll through an open garden, or two, is a lovely way to spend mother’s day.

  11. Send Her on a Gardening Trip

  12. If you’re not into spending too much time with your mum then you could send her off on a gardening trip all by herself. These days gardening trips can be as expensive, or as inexpensive, as one can afford. Yet, it allows your mum to be inspired while you still appear as the doting child without having to spend a lot of time together.

  13. Name a Rose After Her

  14. Now, tell me one person who wouldn’t love a plant named after them? This is one unique gift idea that will blow your mum’s socks off. Having a rose named after your mum may seem a little extravagant – but she’s worth it.

  15. Repaint an old Watering Can

  16. If your mother has a fetish for garden whimsy then one of the most unique mothers day gifts would be a handpainted watering can. You could use an old one found at the recycling centre or garage sale, paint one that your mother already owns or start from scratch and paint a brand new canwatering can. It doesn’t really matter provided that the design is pertinent to your mum’s interests and preferences for colour etc.

  17. Organise a DIY job that’s been on her To-Do list

  18. This idea is a little like the voucher idea mentioned at the start of this list. However, instead of telling your mum that you’re going to do something in the garden why not just turn up and start doing it. Obviously, you will need to be certain that the DIY task you’re about to perform is exactly what your mother wants. Otherwise, you’re not going to live it down anytime soon. This is another idea that can be as inexpensive as you choose or you could really splash out and bless your mum extravagantly.

  19. Hire a Garden Photographer

  20. Imagine allowing your mum to be the star of her universe for the day. Hiring a garden photographer will allow your mother to shine in the one environment she enjoys. It will give her years of memories to look back over with fondness. Heck, if you play your cards right it could even be a gift that keeps giving for years. Turn the photos into greeting cards, put them into a digital photo framedigital photo frame for another year’s gift or have them enlarged and mounted to display in your mum’s home.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to think of some very unique mothers day gifts. They don’t have to be flash and expensive but they do have to be personal and speak of the love and appreciation for your mum.

Photo source: toddalert