cheap garden statues

Searching for Cheap Garden Statues Is Fun

Garden statues can be wonderful additions to your backyard and garden spaces. They don’t have to bankrupt you in the process either. There are many different sizes and shapes of cheap garden statues and they come in all sorts of colors and forms. However, not every garden statue fits every garden, and some can just, plain look out of place. It’s important that the garden statues you choose for your garden go well with the overall theme. They just look ugly when they stick out like a sore thumb.

It’s possible to find the right garden statues that will fit your garden. Plus, they don’t have to look tacky without having to pay a fortune for the find. You just have to know what to look for and where to look. When to look is another important factor. Sometimes this can make the difference between paying top dollar for a beautiful statue and getting that same statue for a bargain during the off season.

Types of Cheap Garden Statues

Garden gnomes are a great place to start. They can be found in almost any garden shop or department store and don’t usually cost too much. They also fit in well with just about any garden – they are, after all, garden gnomes. If you want to add a bit of color and humor to your garden spaces, look into getting a few silly, old, tiny men to spice up your backyard. The great thing about garden gnomes is the variety they come in. You can find hundreds of poses and actions and you are sure to find something that charms.

Cherub statues are another cheap kind of statue that can add class to your garden. Installing a few cherub statues can be adorable way to add spice to your spaces. Good prices can be achieved by looking for mass-produced cherub statues as opposed to handmade ones. Unfortunately, handmade marvels can sometimes cost up to double or triple the price of factory-made ones. Chances are that no one will have the same model anyway, so don’t worry.

When To Look for Cheap Statues

Late autumn is a great time to shop for cheap garden statues. After the gardening months of spring and summer, gardening shops often reduce prices on their merchandise. A little planning ahead can get you set up with some great cheap statues keeping your garden looking gorgeous all year.

The best sales often take place right before garden shops close up for the winter. Ask your local garden shops when they plan to close up shop for the winter and show up on closing weekend for the clearance sale. Unfortunately, once the stock goes on sale, options for cheap garden statues becomes very limited.

Asking your friends if they know anyone renovating their garden is another way to get great deals on garden statues. Often when garden redesigns take place, the owners are happy to unload their old statues at low prices. Some even give their old statues away. Of course, you may not have many options to choose from and you’ll have to depend largely on the tastes of the former owners. Still, often some of the best deals can be scored from yard sales resulting from garden renovations.

Outfitting your backyard with some beautiful still life may take a bit of persistence and a lot of creativity. Even if you are on a budget. Patience and hard work can get your garden looking as if you had spent a fortune on it!

As you consider purchasing some garden statues take some time to reflect on where to put them.