Let’s assume you have the best boss ever. Not only does she allow you to keep office plants, she’s incredibly tolerant towards their watering, fertilising, and sunlight requirements plus the odd motivational pep talk that invariably happens throughout the work day. She understands all this because you’re the best employee she has and keeping you happy is her number one concern – apart from posting a profit, which comes a close second.

In fact, your boss actually gives you time to tend to your plants and understands when the call of nature…not that call…beckons and requires your immediate attention. Furthermore, they’re happy to pitch in a little time when you need to move them all into the sunlight and are happy to ditch their important client meeting to offer a hand when your plants need watering.

And then your alarm goes off…and it’s time to get ready for work. That dream was just that – a dream.

For the gardener who can’t bear to be far away from plants and would rather spend each and every day in the garden it is possible to marry both. Your work, the necessary evil that keeps your wallet full so that you can continue to expand your garden hobby, is still very important and can’t take second place to your office plants – but they can both work together.

Caring for your Office Plants

Tending your indoor office plants during business hours probably isn’t a good idea if you’re trying to keep the boss happy. However, there’s nothing to stop you coming into work early or leaving later so that you can take care of your plants. Even lunch hours, morning tea breaks and the justified non-smoko “smoko” are good times to get in a little extra care and maintenance.

But, if you really want to keep your boss on the right side of the happiness ledger why not maintain a plant in their office too? Explain that her plant has air-purifying qualities and she’ll truly appreciate your thoughtfulness – unless, of course, she assumes that you think she stinks and then takes offence!

You will need this time to take care of your office plants and in order to keep your boss happy, gardening chores shouldn’t happen during work time. If need be, take a plant home overnight – or over the weekend – to repot, remove scale and fertilise. Then bring it back in the morning and continue the process with each of your office plants.

Another helpful tip may be restricting the amount of plants that adorn your office. Too many and you’ll never see a lunch-break again while just the odd one or two may bore you to tears. Work it out with your boss to keep a happy medium.