To be completely honest this is post #1001 as yesterday’s April Fool’s article was #1000 – but who’s counting, huh?

When I first started this blog my aim was to write 2-3 posts daily. Three years on I’m happy to achieve one post per day, which makes 1000 seem much more of a milestone than it probably is. Yet, as bloggers know, writing continually about the same subject can often produce challenges and the occasional writer’s block tops the list. Plus, life has its own challenges outside of the blogosphere; busyness with the daily grind, a growing family and other experiences weave their way through the tapestry of the behind-the-scenes blogger.

This blog has had its own challenges as well, some that nearly forced my hand to give it all up and focus on a ‘real’ life. One such experience was watching the growth of my traffic increase exponentially and then have it all dashed when Google penalised me. The Google dance has been something of a left-foot stumble more than a rhythmic tango and has often left me wondering “What the heck am I doing?”

But, then there’s the friends that one meets along the way: Susan Harris, Colleen Vanderlinden, Kerri Spooner, Doug Green, Nancy Bond, jodi, Veep (formerly known as VP), my non-blogging friend Sylvia, David Perry and a myriad of others who I enjoy interacting with. They are all inspiring and offer such great gardening advice but more importantly warm friendship and plenty of emails – which I often forget to answer, for the record.

To those wonderful people who leave comments, subscribe to this blog or read it as often as they can, I toast you all. Here’s to the next 1000 posts!

BTW – there should be a club for 1000 posters. You know, like…discount stuff…free air travel…holiday bargains and a conference where we can all pat each other on the back and share blogging anecdotes.
Oh…there is! Third door on the left….Thanks!