I remember last winter when all the Northern Hemisphereans were comparing who had the smallest tomato while I sat and watched from a distant sideline. Tomatoes were months away in my cold garden and by the time we reached our summer, no-one wanted to play anymore. I felt like a child who had finally found the bat and ball only to realise that all the kids had been called in for dinner.

I’ve gotten over it now…thanks for asking…but I couldn’t help but snap this miniature Kangaroo Paw, secretly knowing that very few others could go with me on this one. Yer, who’s the man now? [spontaneous victory dance].

The Kangaroo Paw Is A Delicious Plant

Sure, if you’ve got one that could rival this petite number feel free to display it, but I highly doubt it. I only compete where I know I can win. While I didn’t get the exact measurements it’s safe to assume that it could easily fit onto the face of one of our 50c pieces. In fact, here’s a picture of it to try and gauge it’s size.

On a more serious note, this was one of the choices I planted in our dry creek bed a few weeks ago. It came from some tubestock that I divided (I know, I’m a plant miser) and consisted of two small lengths of foliage that could easily have been mistaken for a weed. Somehow, and for reasons that I am unable to explain, it decides that it’s going to take on the world and produce a bloom – no matter how insignificant it’s flower may seem to you or I.

To be honest, I almost missed this flowering spectacle not because it was hidden or hard to find but I just didn’t expect to see it blooming at this size and therefore wasn’t watching it. In my mind I had already written this plant off for the next few years hoping it would get established and, at least, grow some more foliage.

But, as they say, great things come in small packages.

Photo source: tourist_on_earth