Admittedly I’m not as clued up with the whole GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) debate as I should be. In fact, I’d struggle to even explain the technology without having to spend an inordinate amount of time researching it – time that could be much better spent in the garden, I presume.

So when I started reading this article “Drought Resistant Wheat Beats Australian Heat” I was a tad mystified especially as I had just finished reading this one, 8 Ways to Green Your Garden. The latter post marked its territory with the very first point, “Plant Within Your Environment”.

GM Technology - Appearing in a Crop Near You

It went on to state;

In a perfect world, you could grow cactus in a tundra climate and a lawn of Bermuda grass in the desert. Guess what? Plants don’t work that way. Before you start growing something, do some research to see what it needs to survive in your area. Otherwise, you may end up using lots of water and other resources to have “something different” in your backyard.

So, with every area of the world’s focus going green and trying to be creative with our resources, why are scientists obstinately forging ahead trying to develop food sources able to grow in areas where they naturally wouldn’t? Surely they see the stupidity of their endeavours?

See, the problem with wheat production is that it utilises broad-acre farming. This method removes all trees and plant life and turns the soil into a level tundra for hundreds, if not thousands, of hectares. Its great for farmers because they can get their shiny big John Deere harvesters around without any problems but its the epitome of worst farming practises ever. It’s responsible for salinity problems, soil erosion and not to mention topsoil degradation.

So, here’s some bright scientist who has just produced a strain of wheat that will aid farmers to continue their archaic practise. I always thought that regular droughts would be a clue that maybe these areas aren’t sustainable for growing these cereal crops. Instead, it appears that it’s the new frontier to be exploited. And what better way to do it than with a technology that’s already suffering from some bad PR.

Does GM technology scare me? Yes. But only because some scientists are far more interested in displaying their stupidity rather than their common sense. The last time that happened, our country was subjected to a humble toad that was meant to aid our sugar industry. Today that toad is wiping out our crocodile population.

Isn’t it time we started using our brains fellas?

Photo source: Cyron