I’m certainly no Picasso, Da Vinci or Rembrandt but I do recognise their talent. And I’m no Richard Avedon when it comes to photography. But what I lack in ability I make up in appreciation.

So while many gardeners – actually, let’s use the term ‘home-owners’ as a more applicable term – seem to be adorning their houses and gardens with ‘Garden Art’, I’m still besotted with the garden as art. Especially when I’m rolling across the lawn stretching to get some perspective through the lens of my camera.

As it focuses I begin to see shapes and colours, textures and shadows that I couldn’t see before and a whole new level of appreciation dawns on my hobby.

This is not a criticism, merely an observation, but most times when we display photos of our garden we tend to accentuate the obvious. Flower petals, butterflies, the birds and the bees are by far the highest photographed items. Yet, when you take your focus off the overt, suddenly your garden becomes a living art gallery.

I’m no Nostradamus either but I predict that garden photographers, mainly due to the increase in garden bloggers posting high quality pics, will ply their trade in future by capturing the garden as we’ve never seen before. And this is a great thing, not only for garden photography but also for gardeners. I think it will actually remind us to view our gardens for more than just the flowers and instead focus on the many elements we take for granted.

How has your garden photography been growing you as a gardener? Are you exploring new ways to capture the art within your garden? Just curious…that’s all.