I know it hasn’t been long since Blotanical.com was updated but one of the things that was missed in this update was some cosmetic surgery on the face of our maps.

So, Blotanical’s home page now sports a quick summary of some of its features. A random spattering of the 100 Most Recent Blog additions can be viewed with links off to their prospective sites. Or, you can indulge yourself in the complete list of all the new garden blogs.

Not just content with finding new blogs is the quick summary of the current Most Popular Post. Each garden blog that has allowed their feed to be picked up can have their posts ‘picked’ by other members. The more picks they receive the higher they’re ranked and the more publicity and views they will receive. Great news if you don’t want your posts to disappear into oblivion.

There’s a ton of other quick links as well including the current Top Member, Most Favourited Blog and Most Visited Blogs. Plus each time you return to Blotanical, the Featured Map presents a new city for you to explore and gives the current prevailing weather conditions so you can see what these gardeners are facing today.

You may also notice the new navigation link to Search All Blogs on the home page. Thanks to Angela Pratt from Garden Bliss for this suggestion.
BTW – if you have any suggestions for improving Blotanical then I’m always keen to hear them.