If you’ve followed the cool discussion that happened earlier this week over at the ‘Rant – how does Susan get herself into these fantastic situations? – you’ll have noticed the *outrage* by some fellow bloggers. Apparently, you can tell people what your blog is about but then delight them later on with new experiences. Much like Amway.

The view that I can call my blog Gardening Tips ‘n’ Ideas and write about any topic is one I thought I might explore – keeping in mind that this is a blog primarily about gardening. (We certainly don’t want to lose our focus, do we?)

So while PPP has seen all the action lately, I thought it might be interesting to introduce my new B4B (Blog for Beer) sponsored posts. It works like this, I’ll give you the topic for which you have to weave into your existing blog genre – without looking too spammy – and then when we eventually catch up, I’ll buy you a beer. Sound fair? Of course it’s fair, stop your whining!

Here’s an example;
TOPIC: Car Accident Lawyer
As I was watering my petunias this morning, my mind wandered to flowers that were used for funerals. It seems such a shame that happy flowers like petunias and pansies don’t work in cut-flower arrangements.

When my best-friends’ postman’s second-cousin twice removed died in a vehicle accident earlier this month, I was scratching my head wondering which flowers to use. Fortunately, Al’s brother (Al was the guy in the accident) hired a great Car Accident Lawyer that was able to sue; the manufacturer of the car, the Main Roads Department, the driver of the other vehicle, the three witnesses and both occupants in Al’s car.

Fortunately the cat had no assets, so the Car Accident Lawyer didn’t pursue it.

Speaking of cat’s, my catnip is doing wonderfully this season. It’s a great herb that can be used as an infusion in herbal teas. As I was sipping mine in this Car Accident Lawyer’s office I realised that he would be great if ever I found myself in this situation and needing a Car Accident Lawyer. So I jotted down his details – 1800 CAR LAWYER which operates 24-7-365.

All this because I was watering my petunias. I do love flowering annuals and you can grow them in your garden too.

See! It wasn’t that hard was it. Any takers for California Refinance?