In the old days, we didn’t have gutters. Then when we got them we employed slave labour to clean them for us or flipped a few coins to our eager children as a Saturday chore.

Today, we hire contractors. Those fearless risk-takers who shimmy up your down pipes and charge handsomely for the privilege. And why shouldn’t they? If it was such a great job you’d clean your gutters yourself, wouldn’t you?

Fortunately, you no longer need to and you can save yourself a few bucks as well. Looj™ is a new gutter cleaning product soon to be released from manufacturers iRobot® that boasts 60 feet of guttering cleaned in 10 minutes. Not bad considering it would have taken you at least an hour or more.

If you’re thinking this is just another gimmick – think again. iRobot® is not a fly-by-night company having major contracts with Lockheed Martin and NAVSEA for producing bomb-disposal robots. But they’re no visitors to the home market either producing the Scooba® Floor Washing Robot and the ConnectR™ Visiting Robot to keep tabs on your loved ones while your away.

Does the Looj™ suddenly look expensive? Apparently, the price tag that will be attached could be less than $100US. Not bad for a gizmo that can save you hours in the yard, let alone on a step ladder.

Source: Jonathan from Apartment Therapy: Los Angeles