As gardeners mature their buying preferences change. Where once the Bunnings or Home Depot nursery may have catered for most of your needs, eventually a distaste for the average will take over and your gardening palate will crave tastier morsels.

[Enter stage door left] Urbanweeds is a boutique nursery that seem to be the new trend in garden centres. Chic. Modern. And definitely catering for the chardonnay set – or at least those aspiring to be.

The Seattle Time’s Home and Garden section recently reviewed Tim Halloran and Steve Schuetz’s, Urbanweeds. It’s a gardening centre focused on those who are challenged spatially. Gardeners who are limited to balconies, small courtyards and container gardens are the target market and their products and wares are chosen to aid their hobby.

We have a similar centre here in Busselton, that operates against bully-boy nurseries run by Bunnings and Mitre 10. And while every other garden centre has closed its doors finding that they can’t compete against the giants, this one little boutique centre goes from strength to strength.

It seems that many gardeners are becoming disillusioned with the mass-marketing style of corporate nurseries. Rows and rows of boring petunias, container pots that show no individual character or flair and garden art that fails to impress your average 2 year old just aren’t cutting it anymore. Certainly not with gardeners who truly enjoy their hobby, anyhow!

So, it’s no wonder that these new boutique nurseries are starting to make a dent in the garden centre landscape.

Will these saviours of gardening respect last in a world consumed by hobbyist consumerism? Or, will they fall victim to operators offering cheaper prices with almost useless service?