Imagine this: Your crop of garlic has exceeded your wildest expectations and while you hoped there was a chance of storing a few in the pantry, it appears that you may end up giving a few bulbs away.

However, while generously donating neighbours and friends a bag of loose garlic may certainly impress, consider how delightfully amazed they would be if you also braided them to hang in their kitchen.

You’ve probably seen those still-life photos of rustic European kitchens with garlic bulbs dangling against the wall or suspended from a drying rack. But, you’ve never quite known how they managed to entwine them, dismally watching your attempts fall out one by one as gravity inflicts its pain.

I’m speaking from experience here.

So, I was keen to find out how to braid my own garlic when I stumbled across this definitive article by Bloomingfields Farm. It has a step-by-step illustrated tutorial on how to put these things together.

The challenge: if you can understand what happens to Garlic Top 2 in Illustration D then you’ve made it – the rest is a cinch.