I’ve had free-range chooks before. I’ve even allowed ducks to roam through my vegie patches but I’m not at all impressed with the idea.

They rip my seedlings to bits in an effort to find a worm. They take great delight in stomping through my carrot patch and wouldn’t think twice about pooping on my ripening strawberries. In fact, I think I’d rather keep the snails than let ducks and chickens forage in my garden.

A Chicken Tractor To Move Your Chooks Around

But, I don’t want my chickens cooped up in a pen all day either.

But this little Aussie invention might just be an alternative that keeps the best of both worlds. Free-range chickens in a cage. Odd, but simple.

They can be maneouvred effortlessly without having to engage the whole family in a chicken stalkout. Plus, they get to forage from wherever they’re placed without getting into your prized vegetables. Ingenious.

At the moment, they’re only available in Australia through the manufacturer McCallum Made. However, they do have an email address on their page if you want to start pestering them to export to your country.

Chicken Tractor DIY

However, the DIY handyperson can certainly knock one of these up for themselves. A triangular framed structure made from lightweight but durable wood, some chicken wire and a few wheels and you’re in business.

And a DIY chicken tractor doesn’t have to be a work of art – just practical.

Photo source: rjl20