There are garden bloggers and then there are the movers and shakers in the garden blogosphere. People who go beyond their own blog and can create something more of value within the blogosphere that either adds more value to it or makes it easier to be part of it.

Kerri from Color of the Garden chose me awhile back to select some recipients for the Thinking Blogger award. I’ve been toying with that idea for some time (obviously) and decided I would much rather reward those bloggers who are innovative and entrepreneurial rather than just great thinkers – though the two are not mutually exclusive.

All this thought has challenged me to create this list. These are the true movers in our category and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next…

14. Tricia

Green Thumb Sunday is probably one of the most successful meme’s in the garden blogosphere and it was Tricia from As the Garden Grows who started it. Hundreds of garden bloggers participate in this weekly ‘show and tell’ all linking back to her blog.

Tricia also has more than 10 other blogs on the go, including pesonal blogs, photography blogs etc.

Ed’s note: The reason Tricia is at the bottom of the list even though she is highly favourited and works tremendously hard on her blogs, I hate (is that too harsh) her Pay Per Posts. It’s not that I’m against sponsored posts it’s just that Tricia seems to write about anything and whore her garden blog to topics about Payday Loans, Coupons, Vacuum Cleaners and copious other unrelated material. If I wanted that stuff, I’d go and read blogs about it. Needless to say, I no longer subscribe to her feed. I get enough spam in my Inbox….

13. Katina Mooneyham

Katina is responsible for a great niche blog, Katina’s Little Gardeners who shares from experience as she homeschools her two children. She is also the contributing editor at Garden and Hearth [link since removed] and ran another blog: A.K.K.H. Natural School [since discontinued] about the joys of home-schooling.

12. Kenneth E Point

Better known as Kenny from Veggie Gardening Tips he shares a wealth of wisdom within his blog regarding the growing and cultivating of vegetables. He has also produced a free e-book titled My Gardening Secrets.

11. Beth Lawrence

Canadian, Beth Lawrence, runs the blog Grow See This with articles and tips to help gardeners. She also offers podcasts and vidcasts with more gardening tips but in another format that is making use of today’s technology.

10. Angela Pratt

Sacramento Gardening seems to have been the source of inspiration for Angela from Angela’s NorCal Garden Blog. Angela produces stock art photography on her (much lusted after) Canon 5D and writes to a Sacramento audience..

9. Hanna, from Cleveland

In true marketing fashion, Hanna’s This Garden Is Illegal arrests your attention from the very beginning. Add to that some great writing prose and you’ve got a winner on your hands. And Hanna could be forgiven for stopping there.

But as most garden bloggers know you don’t find too many gardening blogs that don’t sport a “I’m a [Flower]” banner on their sidebar. This is such a great viral method of getting your blog out and no-one has done it better than Hanna.

8. Marc

From GardenDesk blogging fame has since started a new blog called Veggie Garden Info which is a reblog of RSS feeds that discuss anything pertinent to vegetable growers. It’s a handy resource and also gets bloggers exposure that they may not have had previously.

7. Doug Green

Who hasn’t heard of Doug Green? Doug’s blog stemmed from his original site Simple Gifts Farm but also includes sites on Perennials, Ponds, Gardening for Beginners and Flowering Bulbs.

But what makes Doug’s site stand out from others is that he also offers newsletter subscriptions to his readers. Sure, most of us offer RSS subscriptions but this is a whole ‘nother level. Newsletters are easy to procure and take extra time in maintaining a subscriber base and writing articles and links.

6. Mr Brown Thumb

You’ll know Mr Brown Thumb from his great blog of the same name. Mr BT has an obvious knack for photography and covers a wide range of plants.
His side interests include the Google for Gardeners custom search engine (you will find this on his blog) that can also be added to your iGoogle page as a easy gadget. Mr BT also has three other blogs: Garden Hacker, Garden Rate and Review and Gardening Seeds. It’s pretty hard keeping up with one gardening blog let alone four and the latter two haven’t been posted to since April. It will be interesting to see how these go.

5. Douglas Welch

Doug’s blog, A Gardener’s Notebook doesn’t get a huge amount of traffic but subscriptions to his feed almost top more than 1500 readers. And that’s just his blog. Doug also offers his readers the opportunity to subscribe to his podcasts via iTunes.

4. Kathy Purdy

One of the original garden bloggers, Kathy has been pouring into her blog Cold Climate Gardening for more than four years and it’s a great source for gardeners dealing with cold climates.
Kathy also maintains a garden blog directory on her site that lists hundreds of great reads worthy of adding to your feed reader.

3. Carol

Carol is an Indianan gardener who blogs about her garden and various gardening topics through May Dreams Garden. It’s a great blog and she’s shared some great posts over the years especially her article on garden hoes.

She is also responsible for the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day that encourages garden bloggers to show what’s blooming in their garden on the 15th of every month. Carol also maintains the Garden Bloggers Book Club (try saying that without pronouncing Book as ‘Blook’) that is a virtual copy of a physical book club.

2. Colleen Vanderlinden

The magnanimous Colleen has been quite the blogger of late. Not only does she keep up with her personal garden blog In the Garden Online but she is also a Feature Writer at Suite101.

And who can forget her mammoth efforts when it came to putting garden bloggers on the map with her Mouse & Trowel Awards. These awards which aimed to mend the obvious exclusion of our category within the Bloggies did just that.

1. Susan Harris

A noted contributor to Garden Rant, Susan also maintains her own blog Takoma Gardener, started the DC Urban Gardener News for DC Master Gardeners among others, and also has time to produce, and star, in the odd gardening video.

Susan has also started a new site called the The Gardening Coach which aims at offering garden coach services to gardeners who need a little encouragement.