As it’s coming to the end of another month I thought I’d take a step back in time an review what was being talked about on this blog 12 months ago. Some of the gardening tips that were given then are still very much applicable today and while the race is always on to share something new, it’s also good to take stock of the past.

So, here are some of the tips that were given in May 2006,

  • Planting and transplanting tulip bulbs growing tulips is an enviable passion because they have such beautiful blooms. If you take the time to look after them they will continue to reward you year after year.
  • A review of compost tumblers composters are a great tool in the garden but it depends on how you plan to use one that determines which tumbler is best for your specific lifestyle.
  • Caring for African Violets one of the most popular indoor plants have their own requirements and needs to grow them well.
  • Are you a green thumb gardener? this was a humorous look at whether you could claim to be a dinky-di green thumb gardener. Those who struggled to to know if a lettuce was a weed or not – possibly should take up another hobby.
  • How to grow Lobelia from seed these annuals are always present in nurseries and garden centres as seedlings but how can you grow them straight from the packet? Easy.
  • Honey Beekeeping for the Beginner if you’ve ever wanted to keep bees on your property then it’s not a formidable task. Sure, it’s not a walk in the park either but there are some great tips to help you get started.

I hope you enjoyed that little trot through the archives and I look forward to hearing your comments.