The Northern Hemisphere is beginning to enjoy a little warmth in the form of Spring while us Southerner’s are quietly buckling down for another winter. Yet, regardless of the season, there is always something to do in the garden and what better way to get out there than with a few handy gardening tips to inspire you.
Here’s this week’s round up;

  • Treehugger has pointed out the National Wildlife Federation’s Gardener’s Guide to Global Warming. The map shows US states where the State Flower or Tree will become affected by global warming. Interesting stuff.
  • Yolanda from Bliss has a great project underway and also steps through a way for gardeners to turn their rusty wheelbarrows into a planter. The final effect of her shed-makeover looks fantastic.
  • In My Kitchen Garden has shared a post of their greenhouse construction. It gives another great alternative to the greenhouses I posted about earlier.
  • Kasmira from Cincinnati Cape Cod shares how she installed her arbour. After learning that concrete is possibly the best anchor for keeping an arbour in its place, Kasmira installed it by herself and kept it level. You go girl…
  • Finally, Katina from Katina’s Little Gardeners has a great post on how to garden with kids on rainy days. Some interesting tips and ones that I’ll store away for our next rainy day – which looks like tomorrow according to the forecast.

I hope you found some good articles and helpful posts in the gardening blogosphere this week. If you come across any that I’ve missed or would like me to link to helpful gardening post that you wrote, feel free to drop me an email.