I’ve never seen any of the greatest gardens of the world – yet I plan to one day. I dream off crossing Monet’s bridge at Giverny, France. Or, admiring some of the most amazing conifers at the Kew Botanical Gardens in England.

And while I dream of these places I’m sure there are many who believe that their garden is up amongst the world’s best.

But for this exercise, I’m keen to find out what garden’s of the world we can agree upon as being the best. So, it’s over to you to email me, or comment below, with a garden that you have visited that would certainly rate as one of the greatest gardens of the world.

The only provisos are; (1) you must have physically visited it, and (2) it must be open to the public – so please don’t add any private gardens.
I will update this post to reflect the list of great gardens that we think are the world’s best.