Purple would have to be one of the most common flower colours growing in most gardens. Shades of violet, mauve and lilac can make up a large part of our garden colour scheme.

So, as to start a meme – or you can comment here – name 10 purple flowers that are currently blooming in your garden or that will over the next few months.

Here’s my ten;

  1. Hydrangeas
  2. Tibouchina “Jazzie”
  3. Lavatera Tree Mallow
  4. English Lavender
  5. Alyogyne Hueglii – Native Tree Hibiscus
  6. Agapanthus – that have just finished blooming recently
  7. Native Violets
  8. Buddleia Davidii
  9. Hellebores
  10. Borage

If you have another colour that’s prevalent in your flower garden, try creating a similar list with that colour.