Just when we thought the gardening blogosphere couldn’t get any more shaken up, GardenRant today announced the sale of their popular blog to online gardening giant, GardenWeb for a reported US$1.3m.

GardenWeb, in their desire to regain market share, have identified some popular blogs in their recent shopping list buying up some of the gardening blogosphere’s hottest property. Part of the deal will see the GardenRanter’s continue in an editorial role, for an undisclosed sum of money, in an attempt to keep content in a similar format.

GardenRant’s Susan Harris was expectedly excited about the news however offering a vote of confidence to GardenRant’s new owners and assuring readers that it’s business as usual. Harris has also made comments airing her disappointment with the final price suggesting that $1.8m may have been a more realistic figure.

New gun, Elizabeth Licata, will most likely bow out of the GardenRant weblog and take a much needed rest with family and friends. Licata stated, “Working with the other ladies [Susan Harris, Michelle Owens and Amy Stewart] has been fun but incredibly taxing. Most mornings I would find myself making my own coffee.” With her quarter share of the profits she’s not likely to have that problem any more and is heading to Florida for a well-deserved rest.

Amy Stewart, fresh from her recent book tour, was the only one of the ranters disappointed with the sale. “I got back in the office last Monday and the girls told me the news. It all happened while I was away and I can’t say I’m impressed. The girls were happy and I could see it wasn’t going to work without me, so I signed.” Rumours of her new book Flower Ranters are running amok but Stewart wouldn’t give any more details.

Michelle Owens wasn’t available for comment but sources close to the ranter say she’s happily spending most of her share at Trey’ nursery.

Source: Just another one of those April Fool Day jokes!!