If you really want to spite your gardening friends, build a cheap greenhouse in your backyard. Even if your intention isn’t to upset them, it inevitably will be the resulting outcome. Why? Because every gardener wants one.

Don’t they?

I know I do. In fact, if I had just a little more room a greenhouse would feature prominently in my backyard. Alas, as with all things there is an economic cost to consider. Do I forego the backyard aquaponics and vegetable garden? Should I resist adding a chicken coop? And, can I really do without a potting shed? Nuh!

Therefore, the reason I don’t have a greenhouse is the limited space in which to house one. This may also be the reason for others not having one. Yet, some may claim that they can’t afford the expense.

Well, I’m here to inform you that cost is no longer a barrier. Building your own greenhouse is accessible for less than a few hundred bucks.

How To Build A Cheap Greenhouse

Las Palitis, a Californian native plant nursery, offers a how-to make your own greenhouse using rebar, PVC piping, fence posts and UV stabilized polyethylene. Granted, it’s not pretty but it is highly effective and that’s what most gardeners want anyway, isn’t it?

The plans that Las Palitis display will produce a 28ft (8.5m) x 15ft (4.5m) greenhouse – the size of my future vegetable garden. This may be too big, but it isn’t hard to adjust the quantities and reduce the footprint.

For those gardeners who are looking for something that might be a little more stable, ThingsToBuild.com have plans for another greenhouse. Their plans are for a more manageable 8ft (2.4m) x 10ft (3m) construction. However, the materials are more rigid and therefore more expensive.

And, for the gardener who would rather spend time in the garden than waste it constructing their own greenhouse, Amazon.com offers products that range from a small Walk-In greenhouse up to the modest Greenhouse 8′ x 6′ by DuraMax. But if you really want to pique your neighbours interest then the Rion 8’6″ W x 24′ L Prestige Greenhouse might be more your style.

So, apart from my excuse of not having enough room there aren’t many other reasons why any gardener should be without a greenhouse. Especially those who live in colder climates where frosts are not only prone, but commonplace.