Wonderful Colleen from In the Garden Online has finally filled the obvious void in the blogosphere by offering awards that recognise the gardening niche we’re all a part of.

I, like many bloggers noticed the absence of our favourite hobby (more popular than craft BTW – what’s going on?) at the recent Bloggies. So, if you can’t join them, beat ’em I say.

So Colleen has produced the very impressive garden blog (and website) awards called the Mouse and Trowel Awards. Bloggers can vote for their peers in 8 categories for blogs and 5 for gardening websites with the winners to be announced on Sunday May 13.

You have until Monday 15 April to get your nominations in but don’t wait otherwise you may get caught up in the stampede. I’m so excited that this is finally happening and look forward to seeing the results.

Kudos Colleen.