Even at 34 years of age, I’m already noticing that there are some things I’m no longer able to do. So I worry that when I’m 60+ the limitations of my body are going to be to acute to continue in my preferred hobby.

“Nonsense!” Bob Souvestre, instructor of horticulture at LSU and Louisiana Master Gardener program coordinator, would say.

“I am 52 and have arthritis,” he said in a telephone interview. “I know nerve deafness. My eyes. I wear glasses. My back hurts. I have bursitis and tendinitis.”

And still he lectures!

Maggie Martin’s recent interview with Souvestre highlighted that while we age and need to adapt to our limitations it shouldn’t be an excuse for no longer being involved in our favourite pastimes.

Ida Hayden, 84, a gardener for 50 years, said stability and endurance are the only problems she faces.

“I haven’t changed tools. No pads, but I do have a stick that (husband) Harold made that helps me get up when I get down. It is a walking stick with a flat bottom. It gives me stability. We do lose stability.”

Bob comes up with some great garden adapting ideas and lectures on these very issues.