The seasons are changing. The northern hemisphere is warming up (and it’s not in relation to global warming) while us southerners are cooling down.
But that’s not stopping the global garden and here are a few helpful posts from around the world that should help , or at least inspire, you in your garden.

  • It seems that moving compost or mulch is high on the agenda for a few gardeners at the moment. Both Nada from Grandiflora and M. Sinclair Stevens from Zanthan Gardens are getting into the swing of the action at the moment.
    I suggested that they throw ‘compost parties’ where they invite a group of friends to give them a hand and reward them with a scrummy afternoon tea.
    BTW – if either of you decide that you will provide the scrummy arvo tea, I’ll book the next flight.
  • If you’re looking for new plants to grow, Nelumbo has a great post on the Easter Tree, Easterii decoratis. They only flower in the lead up to easter and children desire their fruiting blooms.
    I’m guessing these are native to the Easter Islands? Or, do they only grow in South Carolina?
  • Melanie from Bean Sprouts has a great post on 10 Movies that illustrate self-sufficient gardening. It takes a keen gardener to pick up on these things.
  • Tobi from Garden Gremlin shares his seed starting set-up which is has become more sophisticated as the season’s have come and gone. I’m yet to get my seed raising apparatus together so I’m always insanely jealous when I come across another gardener who’s got it happening.
  • Yolanda Elizabet’s Bliss garden blog is sporting some new frilly and frivolously flirty voilets. She even documents the equipment she uses to plant them and to weed her garden beds.
  • And finally, if you’ve ever need convincing that grow lights are essential for indoor plants Malin from Indoor Gardener has photographic proof. Her mini sage and mint garden took off almost immediately.

And so concludes another awesome week in the Gardening blogosphere.