Each week it amazes me at the helpfulness of many gardening bloggers as they share their knowledge or things they’ve found out with the rest of the world via their blog. And it’s all free of charge!

Here’s this weeks roundup;

  • Seems like every second week I’m linking to Andrea’s Heavy Petal but it’s always for good reason. This week she shares how to make your own seedballs (and they’re important, how?). Seedballs are the new ammunition for guerrilla gardeners and are so easy to make. Read Andrea’s great post on how to make them.
  • If you’re into butterflies then Angela from Angela’s NorCal Garden Blog has a few links to some great butterfly photos and resources about them.
  • Nelumbo from The Garden Blog (of a gal growing Southern) shares how not to grow plants in an indoor terrarium.
  • If you’ve ever been wondering what to do with all that left over urine at your place, Peter from Backyard Organic Farming has a ready made solution.
  • The Greenhouse Girl writes an interesting post on some of the myths and legends surrounding sunflowers. Did you know that it’s been designated the symbol of a world free from nuclear weapons?
  • And, finally, Katina from Katina’s Little Gardeners links to a great article on starting seeds by Better Homes and Gardens. Katina also shares some insights from her own experiences.