Occassionally I will make my way to a local Saturday market hoping to find a bargain and always finding myself amazed and entertained by the diversity of items that people peddle.

But it’s always the plant stalls that stop me (and attract me) as I fossick my way through a heap of reused pots sporting the obligatory common plants through to species I’ve never seen before. You have to be early to pick up the good plants but a bargain is usually available by the end of the morning.

Most of these plant junkies are home gardeners just like you and I. They propagate their own garden stock to resell either because it’s an added benefit to their hobby or they’re after a few extra dollars.

So, I’m curious as to how many of us have ever done this before? Are you currently in the process of potting up some plants for market sale? And, if so how do you go about labelling your plants and how do you set your prices?

For those who have no intention of ever selling their plants, do you buy from these market stalls? Do you expect the plants to be cheaper here than from a nursery, and if so, how much cheaper?