Was that loud enough? Did anyone miss the emotion and context that was emanating from my inner spoilt child?

Yesterday, as I was looking for inspiration through Technorati’s list of gardening blogs I came across this list of spammy sites that Technorati has been cataloging.

Then I’m scrolling through my del.icio.us RSS feed looking for a morsel to inspire my posts this morning and it seems that fireballxl5 feels the need to bookmark every item they read in multiples of 50. So rather than read some good articles and posts I’m restricted to what fireballxl5 thinks is important – PUNK!!

Not to mention the constant barrage of promiscuous Trackbacks that await me each morning or the comments from Texas Hold-em Poker as he shares what an interesting site I have.

I know I’m not the only one who has to suffer through these juvenile delinquents but I just want to know, WHY? Why are you a menace to society fireballxl5? Why don’t you contribute rather than be a nuisance to all and sundry?

Enough ranting… I might go and garden and let off some steam instead. I pity the poor shrub that needs pruning today!