Here’s Day 8’s picture. Any guesses?

What Is This?
Over the next two weeks a picture of a famous garden will be revealed, piece by piece. If you think you know the name of the garden, take a guess in the comments section and the first correct answer will win a $50 Amazon gift voucher just in time for Christmas.

We’re into our second week now and more than half of the photo is exposed. Via my stats I can see that a few people are tracing each day’s postings but not many are having a guess so let me remind you that you can make one guess per day. The first one to guess correctly picks up the prize so don’t hold back.

I’ll start adding some clues this week as well to help you out as it is a fairly obscure garden although world-renowned.

Today’s Clue:
This garden is commonly referred to as the ‘Spring’ garden.
Previous Clues:

  • It’s not an Australian garden.
  • It isn’t a garden that’s found in the southern hemisphere.

Go ahead…take a guess!