Carol gardens in Indiana in the US and believes that “we should all strive to sow, grow, and sustain good things in life’s garden.” Her blog May Dreams Gardens is a great read and the community she has grown there is very close.

When did you start gardening as a hobby?

I started gardening first as a little girl. My Dad would provide all of us kids with a little bit of space in the backyard, a few flowers, something to plant with (sometimes that would be a spoon) and we’d go at it. I decided as early as junior high school that I should do something with plants or horticulture when I grew up. But when I grew up, they didn’t offer much pay to horticulturalists, so I work in “Information Services”. But, I’ve always loved plants and gardening and feel fortunate to have a big enough yard to garden in and some means to buy fun tools like my hoe collection.

Why did you start blogging about your garden/ gardening topics?

I experimented with blogging a couple of years ago, but got more serious about it this spring. I love to write, I love to garden, so combining the two is a way for me to relax and forget about work and work problems. I find it interesting to see what other types of blogs some of the gardening bloggers have. In my case I have another blog where I post info from my grandmothers’ diaries, one day at a time with a few comments. She wrote the diaries between 1925 and 1927 and it really shows the differences between how we live our lives today and what she lived through in the 1920’s.

What’s the best gardening tip you picked up along the way?

I’ve picked up a lot of good gardening tips along the way, but I think the best is to take care of your soil, amend it with compost, keep it from eroding, don’t dig it when it is wet, etc., because without good soil, you don’t have much success with gardening!

If you had to start your garden again from scratch, what would be the first thing you would do and why?

I did start my garden over from scratch about 9 years ago when I moved to my current house, built in the middle of a vacant lot. I had a blank canvas, I had gardening experience, but I still made many mistakes. If I had another chance to do it over again, I would definitely PAY attention to self-sowers, spreaders, and other plants that you think “I’ll keep it under control”, so you plant them. But then you lose track of things and then you’ve got a mess on your hands. That’s what I’d do over.

If you were only allowed to have one plant in your garden, what would it be?

And if I was allowed to plant just one plant, I’d scream! How could anyone choose? Okay, if you made me choose, I’d probably pick some woodland violets, even though some people consider them a weed. Wait, no, I’d pick tomatoes. Yes, tomatoes, because I like to eat them. On second, third thought, why not a big shade tree? Yes, I’d plant a nice shade tree… one that flowers and has good fall color. Okay, I refuse to choose, I want all plants!

What will your garden look like in 10 years time?

And, in 10 years, I hope to have much less grass growing in my yard and many more shrubs and perennials! And people from one of those slick, fancy, gardening magazines with the glossy pictures of gardens that don’t even look real they look so nice will be knocking on my door begging to take some pictures for their next issue. Yep, as long as I am dreaming, I’ll dream big!