I’d hate to stab at a demographically invented gardener, but if I did I think they might look a little like this;

  • Be female
  • 35 years or older (okay… we’re all 21!)
  • Have a property that is greater than 1000sqm (3280sq.ft)
  • Be married or partnered to a non-gardening spouse (or at least not as interested as you)

Am I close?

Well for most this would be okay. You would have complete control over your garden and could dictate plantings and chores at whim – mainly because you’re the one doing it all anyway.

But what if your spouse is equally as passionate about gardening as you? Do you split chores? Do your activities complement each others or do you find that you’re fiercely debating every decision that needs to be made?

Competitive Spouse Gardening Syndrome (C.S.G.S.) is on the rise in most western societies and there is no sign, through exhaustive research, that it will let up in the near future. So it was wonderful to read this little post [since moved] about a couple who have been working on their garden together for more than 60 years!!!

“He’s the main vegetable gardener, and I do the flowers, but we help each other,” Marie Van Andel said when she talked to The Herald recently about their eye-catching vegetable and dahlia garden.

It’s great to see a couple working so well together and I hope that Deb and I are still gardening when we’re their age. My only question is, who gets the job of digging the dahlias?