I was chatting with David from Snappy’s Gardens Blog last night and complimenting him on his wonderful gladioli. David agreed that it was a beautiful flower but then commented that there were a couple of things missing which could really enhance this plant and make it awesome.
The proverbial ‘light switch’ went on and I thought maybe other gardeners have plants they wished they could just tweak a little. Perhaps I could invite them to write their own posts about this and they could email me with the link. Then I would create a post of all their links and display it to bloggers to read as a group writing project.
So, if you think you could share with the gardening blogosphere about a plant that needs enhancing write a post on your blog and send me the link. Then on Saturday (Busselton time) I will post a page of all these links for everyone to peruse.
By the way, David wanted to add two things to his glad’s. Firstly a fragrance, and secondly more plant support so that they didn’t fall over when they flowered.