Opening our gardens to the public seems to be something we, as gardeners, may be something we would contemplate. Susan over at Garden Rant even started her own post along the same lines and gave some great ideas for “Visitor Etiquette”. The comments added some extra ideas and I think in the main most people are happy to show their gardens off.
Our weekly poll (that ran for two weeks) showed that 67% responded positively to showing their gardens to the public, 17% might consider it while another 17% flatly refused.

This week’s poll is, as previously mentioned, on selecting a collective noun for a group of gardeners. I really liked these ones so I thought we could add these as the ones to vote on.
1. A weed of gardeners – [Oldroses]
2. A bed of gardeners – [Blackswamp_girl]
3. A show of gardeners – [Greenhouse Girl]
Thanks for those who offered up suggestions. I hope you enjoy voting for one on this list.