Think about it for a second or two. You have this bulky wheelbarrow that you use to cart all your garden tools and plants around and when it comes time to store it, your barrow either stays outdoors or it takes up precious space in your shed. And you know that if you store it in the garden it’s going to be subjected to the elements and finally rust or eventually break.

Then I came across this wonderful invention, a folding wheelbarrow. It still has a similar framework as most conventional wheelbarrows have but it has flexible sides rather than something that is made from metal or polycarbonate.

While I may not be trading in my working wheelbarrow which I use to mix cement, cart firewood and lug bricks and slabs, this folding wheelbarrow may be the answer to my other gardening requirements. The fabric is strong enough to cart all my tools, pots, potting mix and manures. The denier fabrc is also completely washable so you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty – that’s what they’re made for.

A folding wheelbarrow can carry about 70kg (150lbs) and holds approximately 85litres (3 cubic feet). This is enough for a couple of bags of potting mix and a few container plants as well. You can even empty the potting mix into the fabric swag and scoop out from there.

Once you’ve finished, hose off with clean water and hang to dry. This is a great gardening solution.