I remember the first time I was away from home on Mother’s Day. I was 17 years old and in my 3rd year of a cooking apprenticeship working more than 3500 kms away from home. I’d been transferred away in January so this was the first big family celebration that I would miss (even though I would usually work Christmas Day I would still spend some time with my family).

I can’t remember whether I had bought mum a present on Mother’s Day before, or not (it certainly wouldn’t have been out of my selfish teenage pocket, anyway!) but I felt I really wanted to impress her that year. So I decided I could separate myself from $20 (which was a vast chunk of my meagre salary back then) and I arranged to have some flowers delivered to arrive on the Sunday. I felt so proud of myself until I was brought back to earth with a thud, realising my $20 was not going to pay for the delivery let alone a single flower.

I did contemplate pocketing the $20 and sending a card but as any boy knows Mothers are the most important people in their worlds and she was worth more than a card. I can’t remember the actual amount I paid to have a beautiful flower arrangement delivered to her that Mother’s Day, but I know that whatever it was it was worth every penny.

I love you Mum.