So you’ve been pottering around with a couple of plants, got your hands dirty in a bag of potting mix and even removed the odd snail that was molesting your cabbages. Does that make you a green thumb gardener?

Let me paint a couple of scenarios for you and see how you fair.

1. You visit a friend’s house and notice that their spathiphyllum is wilting on the window sill. Do you;
a). Immediately grab a container of water and pour it onto the plant
b). Point out to your friend that their plant is not as healthy as it could be
c). Mourn over the loss of another indoor plant
d). Type “Spathiphyllum” into Google to see what it is

2. You have heard that composting is a great way to recycle your garden refuse. Do you;
a). Build your own compost bins and start filling it with garden waste
b). Head to your local hardware store and purchase a manufactured compost bin
c). Feel bad when you put the next lot of garden waste in the garbage bin
d). Wonder if it’s okay to put some of the kid’s toys in the compost

3. There is a gardening fair coming up on the weekend. Do you;
a). Schedule your weekend around attending it
b). Phone your neighbour to see if they’re interested
c). Stay at home thinking that it would have been a great idea to go
d). Buy tickets to the football

4. Your friend has just purchased a “Wollemi Pine” and invites you to come and help plant it. Do you;
a). Drop everything and rush over – even if you had to wake the baby
b). Try and schedule a better time during the week
c). Tell them that you intend buying your own Wollemi Pine and you’ll check there’s out next time you’re visiting
d). Type “Wollemi Pine” into Google to see what it is

5. You find some snails in the garden eating your lettuces. Do you;
a). Instinctively know how to eliminate them organically
b). Pick each one off by hand
c). Reach for the Bayer snail pellets
d). Remove the lettuces because you think they’re a weed

6. As you flick through the channels on your TV you come across a gardening show. Do you;
a). Make yourself a herbal tea and cancel every other appointment to watch it
b). Make sure nothing else is on the other channels
c). Note the time and channel so you can watch it next week
d). Write a letter of complaint to the broadcasting tribunal

7. Your children get inspired to garden and want to help you. Do you;

a). Find creative ways to educate them about gardening
b). Give them a packet of seeds to plant
c). Get them to pull out all the weeds in the veggie patch
d). Give them your gardening tools and go and watch TV

If you ended up with all (a)’s then you can call yourself a Green Thumb Gardener. If you mostly answered (b) then people may suspect you have tinges of green on your thumbs and if you answered (c) for most of the scenarios then you are likely to be classified as a weekend gardener.

However, if you found that all the (d) responses were resonating with you, (as hard as it is to say this) gardening may not be your forte.