I’ve always pictured myself lounging around in a hammock, drinking a cold refreshing beer unperturbed by the neighbours mowing their lawns or tinkering in their sheds. The sun would be filtering down through the branches of our large peppermint trees gently warming me as a cool breeze kept the bite of the sun at bay.
I’ve always dreamt that – never lived it.

Still, there may come a day when there is nothing left to do in the garden and all that requires attention is to rope up the hammock and grab the latest gardening magazine. When those days come I’m sure my greatest battle will be to keep the eyelids open.

Imagine Lazing In The Sun on a Rope Hammock

What is it about a hammock that conjures images of tropical islands, white beach sand and crystal blue waters? It’s such a cliche. But, if you’ve ever had the chance to lounge around in one you can’t deny that it is the most amazing form of relaxation ever. I would actually rate it higher than a Swedish massage – you never suffer any discomfort in a hammock.

I bought my wife, Debbie, a hammock with stands for Christmas one year and while she’s used it on occassions, taken it camping, and even set it up on the back lawn it doesn’t have the same essence of relaxation as a rope hammock strung between two trees.

Is it because gardens are becoming smaller and therefore we can’t justify two large trees set apart far enough to cater for a rope hammock that we buy these poor cousin substitutes? Or, like me, do we find that it’s just too hard to find the time to laze away a Saturday afternoon – doing nothing?

I’m thinking that a hammock needs to feature in my life somewhere. Now, not tomorrow. I may not be able to get in and out of a rope hammock tomorrow.