I’m a big fan of meme’s. It’s a little window into a bloggers life that possibly wouldn’t be seen through normal posting. The questions can be so random and intrusive and still we love to answer them sharing a view of the world we live in. So, I thought I would start my own this time. Here goes…

If I was only allowed to keep one plant in my garden which would it be?

Definitely my Magnolia Soulangeana. This is so immature at the moment and has only had one flower but I’m optomistic that in the next couple of years it is going to be an awesome winner.
If there was only one thing invented in the past 100 years that I was permitted to keep, what would it be?
My Kombi. I know it only just scrapes in by a few years but it definitely counts. However, seeing as I could only have one thing it wouldn’t be able to run without the unleaded petrol I use to keep it motoring,
Name 3 animals you saw yesterday (excluding cats and dogs).
1. Chicken
2. Shetland pony
3. Hermit crab – my eldest son’s.
Which season do you like the most?
Summer – definitely. I love being able to do nothing and not having to justify myself. Everyone understands that it’s too hot to go and work.

Name the person who inputed the most wisdom into your life?

My TAFE lecturer, Ray Pond. This guy was on a par with the Dalai Lama I think. Just kidding! There have been so many things he has said that I have applied to my life. The number one thing was “Spend the first hour of your day planning the rest of it.” Simple, but wise.
This time I’m going to tag Alice (coz she’s the blog of the week), Val and Susan. Enjoy!