Finally! The sigh of relief is huge. My reel mower has finally been fixed and road-tested on our lawns. How did I survive with out it?

It went into the repair shop just before Christmas and I was soon told that it would never work again – the engine was officially STUFFED! We were suddenly inundated with options and weren’t sure what decision to make. We could spend a minimum $3-400 on buying a brand new rotary; we could buy a reconditioned reel mower starting at $800+ or we could invest in a brand new reel mower at a wallet sucking $1300. John, the mower repair man, also offered us another reel mower (in worse condition than ours but it still worked) for a mere $150.

Then, like a bolt of lighting from the heavenlies, an idea formed in my small and improminent mind. If it was just the engine that was no longer working perhaps we could replace that with a new engine? Very possible! The cost: $350.

We originally bought this mower from a listing in the local classifieds for $300 and it had given us at least one good season. So to add on another $350 would mean a reconditioned reel mower for $650 compared to the $800+ the shop were charging. Pretty good deal, huh?

Once we made the decision the saga continued. Firstly, Christmas holidays are a time for everything to stop which is great if you want some down-time – not so great if you want your mower fixed. Two weeks later they all came back from holidays and set about finding an engine that would fit the current shaft and basically bolt onto the frame without too much fuss.

They ordered one in (from over east – everything important comes from there) only to find that it didn’t fit the shaft a first assumed. Another couple of weeks as they track down another engine and have that transported over. It fits and works – hallelujah!

In the meantime we had been using various rotary mowers. We hired some for a small fee, borrowed them off friends, we even tried ignoring that the lawn really needed mowing. In the end, it all became very depressing. My beautifully manicured Sir Walter Soft-Leaf Buffalo had suffered for the whole summer. Would I ever get back the crown of ‘Greenest-lawn-in-the-street’?

Well…I’m glad to say that we’re finally back in action. Just in time for my lawn to enter its dormant period!! There’s always next year?