Bamboo Cane Fence

Choosing a fence is a very personal issue.Take our block as an example. We have four neighbours whose houses adjoin ours and each of them had their fence up before we even began building. They’ve all chosen the same metal face (cream) but each have opted for a different coloured capping.

It’s not a problem because we plan to cover them all in some way regardless. But what about fences that you want to show off and will also help interpret the style you’re trying to create?

Bamboo is one of the many garden fence ideas. Low maintenance. High impact. Natural.

Using a bamboo cane fence to accentuate an area is one thing but can they be used in the same way as other fence materials? Of course they can.

Bamboo fences come in all shapes and sizes. The canes can be quite thick, thin, in between, tall, short, spaced broadly or very close and can come in a range of different colours. They can provide security – bamboo is one of the toughest woods available – when installed correctly and can keep little ones in very effectively.

But the beauty of using a bamboo cane fence is really in how it can interpret your garden style. Install one and it instantly speaks “Asian” or “Tropical” so it works well in either setting. However, if you’re planning a xeriscape you may find that a bamboo fence will look out of place.