If you’ve ever had shrubs that didn’t plant well, and perhaps even died, take a look at how to plant them well.
Start off with the basics, something to dig with, some water and fertilizer and of course, your new shrub – this is Callistemon viminalis – “Little John”.

callistemon little john

Planting a Shrub

Step 1

Dig the hole twice the width of the pot and to the same depth as the root ball. (Note: I usually would mix 1 part of this soil with 1 part cow manure and 1 part soil improver. In this case though, as it’s an Australian native shrub, they’re not big on fertiliser so I’ll just stick to the blood ‘n bone.

Step 2

Transplant the shrub into the hole teasing any roots out if it’s badly rootbound. Half-fill the hole with water and then backfill with the soil. Water generously after the shrub’s been planted and then water regularly, at least every second day for next couple of weeks.

Step 3

Make yourself a cup of coffee or herbal tea, stand back and admire the potential vista.