If you’re looking for some different styles ofcheap fencing then you can’t go past trellis fencing. This form of fence is easy to put together, simple to build yourself and for the dollars spent will last a reasonably long time. Plus, if you put it together well then it will always look stylish. It never goes out of vogue.

Trellis fencing can be used as a perimeter fence, wall-art or even to decorate a garden structure. Most often, we consider the fence to be a barrier to keep things in – ie. children, pets etc – but it can also be used in our gardens to keep things out.

Trellis offers some protection and privacy without completely obscuring views. If you want to use it as a privacy screen then growing a climber over it will not only add another dimension of privacy but also interest.

Here are some trellis fencing ideas you may want implement in your garden.

1. Perimeter Trellis Fencing

The classic style trellis fencing is using it as a perimeter fence. Framed with rebated timber it offers elegance as well as a reasonable barrier between your garden and the outside world.

2. Self-Standing Trellis Fencing

This type of fencing is not created as an impenetrable barrier but rather a screen to hide parts of the garden from view. It could be a solid one-piece screen or it could be meander throughout the garden to add even more interest.

3. Trellis Fencing Panels

Like the standalone trellis fencing, these panels aren’t used to keep things out or in but they are superb at adding dimension to your garden. They can be used to grow plants against – ie, espalliered fruit trees – or to grow creepers and climbers up. However, they often look best when they are just left as a decorative feature.

4. Birdhouse Trellis Fence

This cute style of trellis is home to a few birdhouses. While it may be quaint, if you have a cat in your garden then you’ve basically provided a ladder to their dinner! Otherwise this is a neat way to organise your birdfeeders.

5. Metal Trellis Fencing

Metal trellis is a move away from the obvious timber fencing. It can be purely wire or trellised with intricate art. This style of trellis offers itself to gardens that require a stronger barrier and where wood may be not as secure.

6. Patio Trellis

Fencing in your patio or outdoor area is one obvious way to use trellis fencing. It can provide shade in the summer, if covered with a deciduous creeper, and light in the winter. It can also help define the outdoor area.

7. Contemporary Trellis

This trellis fencing is aimed to keep things out. It allows the creeper to climb without being attacked by your pets – especially farm pets. Plus, it offers a very contemporary design appeal to your garden.

8. Add-On Trellis Fencing

For gardeners who have fencing that doesn’t quite measure up in terms of offering privacy, adding on some trellis will offer a taller fence and perhaps more growing area. This is an easy way to increase the height of existing fences.

9. Arbor Trellis Fencing

Using an arbor as a perimeter fence is quite practical. Many homes have a side access of barely a few metres and this provides the perfect avenue to install some arbor trellis fencing.

I hope this gives you some ideas to add trellis fencing to your yard.