After spending a few hours in the garden yesterday afternoon I can see why weeds can have a de-motivating effect on gardeners. Their incessant growth rate – especially compared to the plants they now smother – can often be incredibly overwhelming. And, as we head into warmer months their rate of growth has increased exponentially.
It’s easy to see why some gardeners just give up.

As an analogy, this dilemma can be compared to losing weight and keeping fit. If you’ve been the epitome of health all your life but then experienced a serious setback; whether financial, relational or physical, and packed on the pounds, it can be quite hard to reverse the situation. Understandably it can appear all too hard.

However, while I spent most of my time in the garden yesterday removing weeds it dawned on me that the situation could easily be controlled – weeds only grow where plants don’t! So it got me thinking…maybe I just need more plants!

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