If you’re like me and have just crawled out from beneath a large rock you probably won’t be au fait with the whole “Greenest Person on the Planet” competition that’s currently running via 3rdWhale.com. How I missed this, I’m not sure but the comp has now entered the final stage with 5 nominees vying for the winner’s podium.
A little background: the competition is the brainchild of BelugaBoyd (aka Boyd Cohen) 3rdWhale’s founder and resident spruiker for all things green. It started on Earth Day earlier this year in the quest to find the world’s greenest person and will end September 16.
It’s an intriguing contest – not to mention the bizarre prize (an entire Arctie pod of Beluga whales become adopted with the winner’s name) – in that it aims to highlight the amazing efforts that some people go to in order to make our planet a little healthier. 600 hopefuls from around the world started the journey with the numbers now being whittled down to the remaining 5.

So, now it’s up to you and I to vote for the Greenest Person on the Planet. Voting link [closed].