I, like most gardeners I know, love a bargain. A desired plant is oft kept from being bought because of its price tag or the condition its in. Yet, when you stumble across that plant and its being offered for far less than you anticipated you’re quick to part with the cash hoping the vendor doesn’t realise their mistake.

Today was one of those days. It wasn’t a great bargain, as bargains go, but it was a good one. I decided to take the kids to one of the local Saturday morning markets and after perusing all that was on offer felt tempted back to the Herb seller.

On offer were some 100mm pots of marjoram, a herb I’ve been desiring for some time. The price – $3. Not bad when you consider the local big box stores sell them for $4.95 each. I knew I had three dollars left but wasn’t sure I wanted to part with it here without picking up the Saturday paper.

Yet fate tempted me as I drove past the stall on my way out, so I stopped and asked my daughter to quickly dash off and grab me one of the pots. To my excitement, she returned with 2 containers of this wonderful herb exclaiming her win as loud as a crow barking their victory over a piece of roadkill. Suddenly the sense of urgency came over me in much the same way as a mafia gangster would feel after a drive-by shooting.

I took off before she had time to close the door and picked up speed careering between cars until I felt safe to ask any questions.

Apparently, the marjoram wasn’t a big seller and so she had given us two in order to clear her stall. It was a win-win! My heart rate could finally subside.

I do enjoy a good bargain.

So, what was your last plant bargain? And how did you come by it? Tell your story in the comments or write a post about it, if you have a blog. Love to hear it.