While much has been written about drought tolerant lawn varieties, the truth is that without water they still turn brown – even the grass on the other side of the fence.
So one budding entrepreneur has taken it upon himself to rid the evil scourge of brown lawns by painting them. Yep…that’s right…with paint! I can hear your comments already – “but that will kill my lawn?”

Nuh uh! In fact, if you’ve ever seen the Superbowl, an AFL game or a series of Cricket you’ll have noticed that their turf always sports the motif of their major sponsor – painted on with paint.

John Iman, the founder of Always Green Grass Painting, took the procedure to new lengths by aesthetically rejuvenating dead lawns desperately in need of some cosmetic miracle. The paints used are environmentally friendly and although contain traces of ammonia, this quickly turns into nitrogen and fertilises the lawn.

While it certainly won’t improve your lawn, apart from the aesthetic appeal, the procedure won’t kill it either. The brown blades of grass are dead already and once the rains kick in the lawn will spring back to life and produce new green lawn through the paint.

I know most gardening purists would baulk at the idea but if you had to face 3 – 6 months of a dead brown lawn, would you be tempted to make your lawn the envy of the street? For me, if it came down to saving water or keeping my pride, I’d go with the former.

Link found via Weburbanist.com