My parents always warned me that I should eat my brussel sprouts. If I did then I would increase the chances of growing hairs on my chest. I obviously didn’t eat enough. But, here’s one guy who obviously got carried away.

Brussel sprouts should come with clear warnings!!

I took much of what my parents said about vegetables as gospel – until I turned 5. Then I started to realise that broccoli wasn’t going to make my hair curly (like I wanted curly hair anyway), brussel sprouts had no effect on body hair and pumpkin wasn’t going to make me immune toward a current strain of influenza.

Apart from the paternal myths, I was always told that vegetables were good for me. “Good for what?” is what I needed to know.

Here’s a list of vegetables and the body parts that they can improve;


Apart from the many vitamins that asparagus contain it also provides our body with a carbohydrate called inulin. Inulin can’t be digested while eating so it forces the digestive tract to deal with it and therefore improves its performance.


The mother lode of nutritious vegetables, broccoli is the best for improving your colon. You’re probably wondering whether that’s an area you really want to enhance but if you can avoid undergoing a colonoscopy in your lifetime then it’s a vegetable worth serving up regularly.

Brussel Sprouts

Those little cabbages actually do have some benefits. In fact, they’re supposedly beneficial in reducing many forms of cancer but moreso against your colon and your liver.


Cabbage is going to help your mind. It’s actually been found to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


High in Vitamins A, K and C, carrots are the ‘go to’ vegetable for improving your eyes. Vitamin A is essential in maintaining good eyesight. However, if you’re completely blind then stuffing yourself with carrots in the hope that they will improve your eyesight is a waste of time. Carrots will only help maintain good vision, not increase it.

Eat too many though and your skin will take on an orange tinge due to the excess beta-carotene. At least you’ll have a good excuse if you overdo the spray-on tan.


The strong flavour of daikons (Chinese radish) are great for preventing and healing sore throats and can be attributed as a diuretic for those who need some extra maintenance on the plumbing system.

Eggplant (Aubergine)

This incredible vegetable is great for your heart and fighting coronary diseases. However, if you’re going to cook it in oil use extra virgin olive oil so that you don’t waste it’s health benefits.


If you can get over the anise flavour (you either love it or you hate it), fennel is a great vegetable in aiding digestion and looking after your stomach


A great help for your teenage child, garlic can be rubbed raw over the skin to combat acne.


Got a cold or blocked nose? Horseradish is great for clearing your sinuses.

Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem artichokes is a serious vegetable when it comes to dealing with your Intestinal tract. They’re a good substitute of potatoes for diabetics but may increase flatulence.


Due to high levels of B6 and folate, Kale will help strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis.


Strung out? Getting testy at small things? Then it’s time to introduce a few leeks into your diet to lower your blood pressure. Your family will love you for it….

Mung Beans

Also for the heart and warding off cardiovascular disease.


Nopales are the fleshy stem from the Prickly Pear and are great for unblocking arteries.


Due to its high levels of Vitamin C, Okra is famed with helping those with breathing problems such as asthma.


High in zinc means pumpkins are able to preserve your spine as a deficiency in this chemical can cause serious bone problems – especially in older men.

Rutabaga (Beetroot)

Promotes the production of seratonin in your body. Seratonin is a mood changing chemical that affects you positively.


Swedes, like all cruciferous vegetables, contain indoles that can combat rogue oestrogens that can trigger tumour growth in the breasts and lead to breast cancer.


Apparently, turnips are responsible for keeping your teeth clean. Skip the next dentist appointment.


Believed to be an antidote for food poisoning thereby saving your whole body

Yam (Sweet Potato)

Yams are high in complex carbohydrates which produce the sugars needed for the body plus provide enough nutrients so that the body doesn’t become depleted. This is great news for your pancreas.


Not surprisingly, the zucchini is a great combatant of prostate cancer. High in manganese and Vitamin C zucchini’s will even aid in urinary problems.

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