For all you hard-core vegetable growers who are already pouring through seed catalogs, salivating at the thought of harvesting in spring, I have found a great online planner for you.

Plangarden is an online program that can help you organise your vegetable garden plots from the time of seeding right through harvesting. It’s drag and drop functionality allows you to plan your garden plot to scale (great for allotment gardeners) and then add the vegetables that you wish to sow or transplant.

Plangarden also offer the option of making your designs available to others by providing a Cut & Paste URL that you can either add to a blog, a forum signature or include within your email stationery.
After having a quick look around the site, here’s my review;

Advantages of Plangarden

  1. The ability to drag and drop different size, and shape, garden plots. It is only limited to 5ha of gardening space so most home gardeners and allotmenteers will be well catered for.
  2. Cheap. It only costs US$20 per annual subscription. (It might be interesting if Plangarden were to add a long term subscription option)
  3. Ability to record your successes and failures and look back over this history in future years
  4. URL for sharing with friends or as a blog experiment

Disadvantages of Plangarden

  1. US-Based. For the other 95% of the world’s population that doesn’t reside in America this will have limited benefit to you. The Harvesting and Best-time to Plant features are all related to US climate and hardiness zones based on your postcode.
  2. The range of vegetables is limited to the very basics. What no bok-choi?

Although it has some major disadvantages for those outside the US, it can still be a helpful guide to planting and harvesting times. I would certainly recommend that this program would be well-suited to most home vegetable gardeners.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid for infomercial otherwise you would see the abbreviation (aff.) after the companies name. I stumbled across this and thought that readers may find this a very useful tool to aid their vegetable gardening.