A Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Orchard

Peter from Backyard Organic Farming has recently started cultivating dragon fruit cactus – you know, the fruit that Andrea thought mirrored David Bowie’s hairstyle.

These tree-like cacti, Hylocereus undatus, produce the most amazing fruit commonly referred to as dragon fruit. Admittedly, I have never tasted one but they are touted as the new fruit of the gods – maybe the gods were getting bored with sapotes and could no longer endure the smell of durian!

Greenhouse Girl has a great wrap-up post on how to grow these awesome fruit trees. They can even be propagated from seed!

Why is Dragon Fruit Growing in Popularity

Growing Dragon Fruit is gaining popularity mainly because of its versatility as a fruit but also for its nutritional benefits. Like many of the new exotic fruits, dragon fruit (pitaya) is high in antioxidants but also contains an abundance of Vitamin C – sometimes as much as 25% of its weight.

They are an easy to cultivate fruit, especially in areas where the climate is temperate. Dragon fruit is not partial to frost so growing them in areas that are frost-free is advisable.

Photo source: Eran Finkle